The focus of this ministry is God Himself – to build a worship team who has one, and only one desire to worship God and to bring glory to Him and not ourselves. In doing so we assist the worship team leader by leading the praise and worship music portion of the contemporary and/ or blended worship services at Mount Carmel Baptist Church.
Leading praise and worship is not merely “filling in” a part of the service, or performing music, or even “warming up” the congregation for the message. It is to lead God’s people into the very throne room of God. That is an awesome responsibility and privilege.

"Let Everything that has breath Praise the Lord"  Psalm 150:6

Our purpose is to lift praise to the most highest, our God and lead his people in worship each and every time we gather in GOD'S HOUSE.

Our worship is more than what happens in the house of the Lord, we worship him through our lifestyle every day.  When we gather each week as bodies of believer, we walk with the Lord on a daily basis.

We worship to teach and be worshipers of GOD.