Change Your App Icon and/or Launch Screen

Once you have completed these steps, please submit a support request letting the Kingdom Web Team know that this is complete. In order for these specific changes to take affect, your native store app will need to be resubmitted to the Google Play and/or Apple App store for review.

Only Kingdom Services can resubmit your app for review.



After logging in to the backend of your app, select the "Design" tab on the sidebar to the right. It's the one that looks like a painter's palette.


After selecting the design tab, you can choose whether you'd like to update the app's icon (the little logo that appears on a device's home screen to help users identify the app before opening it), or the launch screen (the loading screen that displays briefly while the app is preparing for use).


The next screen will be set to "Text" by default. You'll want to select the option for "Picture."

The on-screen guide will tell you what dimensions will work for an icon or launch screen. Please be sure that the dimensions of your image are within the software's recommendations.

Click the blue "Browse..." button then find the image you'd like to upload from your computer, and click "Open"

If satisfied with your new icon or launch screen, click the green circle button in the lower right hand corner to generate the new graphic and apply it to your app.

The "generate" button is actually resizing your image for you to make sure it'll fit correctly on different screen sizes.


Finally, after your new icon and/or launch screen have been uploaded, make sure to let us know!

Once your new graphics are in place, you must send a support ticket or email alerting the web team to these graphic changes. Please include your customer number or website URL to help us find your account.

A member of the team will then review your new image to make sure it is in compliance with all store policies. We will then resubmit your app for review at the appropriate store(s).

Once the update has been reviewed, a new version will publish to the store. Once your users update your app on their device, they will see your new graphics!